I am richly blessed

KATC Class of 2010
He May Be Up To Something - But He's Cute!
Barnabas Taking Me For a Walk!
Me and My Companion, Barnabas

Making new friends among the Batwa people
Sharing photos from home
Here is a picture of the two boys I sponsor, Baraka on the left & Yusuf on the right along with Yusuf's Mom, Vicki & I.  They are just too precious!
Some of the boys playing with the new soccer balls!
It is easy to forget how easy we have it at times.  This is charcoal on the stove.

Cooking on the charcoal stove at the college.
First week teaching at KATC
Presenting the soccer balls we brought
Betty and I bought a colorful umbrella of butterflies before I left.  I finally get  to use it!
Wall Street of Makaka