Monday, April 29, 2013

The Word Changes Lives

I just read Antidote to Poison in Christianity Today. Ravi's story is powerful.  In his narrative he notes that while in the hospital, following an attempt at suicide, a Youth for Christ director (Fred David)  brought him a Bible.   Don't miss reading his story for yourself.  This one small fact - about the bible- was such an affirmation for me.  One of my passions is to be able to give bibles - that folks today can understand - to those who do not have one when I serve as a chaplain.  I also raise funds to give bibles to folks in Rwanda - esp. priests.  They need to have their own study bible in their language. Thank you for those who support this much needed ministry.  We'll know when we get to be with Christ in glory how many lives were changed for the better because of your generous giving.

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