Sunday, August 21, 2011

No Matter Where You Are - You Are On Mission

“No matter where you are..
you are on mission”...Alan Hirsh

It’s another hot and humid day in Daleville, Mississippi.  Some of the Saturday chores have been done around the cabin with more waiting for my attention.  It seems no matter how many chores we perform there are always more waiting for our immediate attention.

I’m sitting at my computer wondering what God would have me to share today.  Is it something uplifting?  Is it something to challenge our thinking?

As I sit and stare at a blank computer screen my eyes scan my surroundings, landing on the writing on the back cover of a book written by Alan Hirsh and Lance Ford, “Right Here Right now”. 

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“No matter where you are...
you are on mission”

What does that REALLY look like for me in Daleville?  What does that look like for me among my Facebook friends as well as my other friends and neighbors?  In preparing for mission overseas I spend hours upon hours in prayer, studying of the culture and learning the various aspects of cross cultural mission.  I can identify with the comment that Lance Ford shares in the book:
“The best hope for the spread of kingdom outposts is for our churches to consist of individuals who view themselves as missionaries.  A missionary sees the immediate world through different eyes than does the native citizen.  F you have ever participated in a short term mission trip; you have a taste of what that is like. On trips to Afghanistan, Mexico and Southeast Asia, each day I would wake up with eyes wide open to see and hear what God might say or what opportunity there might be to touch a life.  I packed light and spent thrift to avoid being bogged down and to be able to help others when I saw a need.  My prayers are more intense and the desire for wisdom and faith was high. Most days were met with eager expectation and deep reliance upon the Holy Spirit for guidance.” 

As I read these thoughts, I can understand the truth of these words.  My outlook IS different.  I am always on the lookout for God encounters when I am traveling but am less so in the routine of daily life.

I am on mission because Jesus was on mission.  His missional-focused ministry serves as the ultimate example.  He was always ready to touch the unnoticed with His love.  Jesus is the same – yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  The Holy Spirit, living in us, still wants to reach out and touch the lives of people.  I need to return to increased times of prayer for my communities so that I may continue to work as I have been called.  I ask our Lord to give me eyes wide open to see and hear what He might have me to say either in person or on Facebook.  I’m asking Him to grant to me meaningful opportunities to touch a life with His love.
I know that I am in mission whether in Africa or here in Daleville. I am confident that God has called me to mission-focused and mission-minded ministry. Every day I continue to be challenged with how that looks and feels for me. Every day I am called to keep my eyes wide open for the God moments – both the obvious and the tender, quite moments. 

You are on mission too…Wherever you go.

Since I never go on mission without a team of people praying for the endeavor, I would not want you to do so either.  Should God be opening your mind and heart to be a missionary where you are, I would love to pray for you and your mission.  Just send me an email- and we’ll connect so I will know how to pray for you!

So I have, once again, sought the inspiration of the Holy to share another blog with you and was rewarded in my seeking.  Perhaps because he knows how much I need to return to my chores here in Daleville - but even more so, so that you may also receive a dose of the Holy today.  I pray that you have, indeed, received and continue to receive doses of the Holy through every aspect of your walk. 

May our God, who calls us to mission, continue to richly inspire and bless you.


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