Friday, October 28, 2011

Today,(10.28.2011) this photo was posted by a friend on Facebook with the following caption;
What would life be like if we could see the soul of each person rather than what we wear on the outside?”

It’s been told that a photo is worth a thousand words.  So it is true with this one.  Always being aware that there is more than meets the eye to getting to know a person is a never ending lesson.  The other day as I was eating lunch with a couple of friends and our conversation shifted to sharing fun stories from our past.  We laughed with one another as we talked of our various episodes on the journey called life.  Just looking at what I see today, I never would have guessed either one to have the adventurous tales they shared.  I am sure it was the same for them concerning my tales.

I felt that God had given me a little glimpse into their soul.  A little bit more understanding of how God created these women….so much more than meets the eye.  God gave me a gift during lunch that day:  the gift of knowing friends on a bit deeper level than on the surface.  I was honored.  And I enjoyed several “belly” laughs which is SO GOOD for the soul!

Praying today that God allows me to remember that each person, each created in the image of God, is more than meets the eye.

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