Sunday, January 8, 2012

Who AM I

One of my intentions is to write down all the times God has made himself known to me AS they happen.  This year – I want to log them in one place... not scattered in the various journals.  Maybe a good place will be this very blog.  I must discipline myself to write down what He has done because I need to be able to read the work of my own hand as God’s witness in my life.
When this Casting Crowns song first came out, I was going through some very hard times.  The words reminded me that no matter what happens in my world that God is a part of it.  He loves me and regardless of what others may say to hurt and wound me, I belong to God.  He will never walk away nor will he ever betray me. 
One day, after a heartbreaking conversation, I got in my car to go to the store.  I just had to try to get my mind off of the hurtful relationship and accomplish something... even if it meant only picking up groceries a couple of blocks away.  As I was backing out of the driveway with tears flowing on my cheeks and a heart throbbing with pain… God put “WHO AM I” on the radio.  I was compelled to pull over to listen.  It was as if God was singing this song to me personally.  His comforting presence was in the car and the reminder of who I belong to uplifted my soul.  My tears dwindled.  God IS with me and will comfort me in my time of need.
This year, let’s be intentional about looking for the story God is writing with you.  Write down the times when you are aware of His presence.  It will be good for your soul and when you tell others of His work, it will lift them up and give them hope in their times of struggles as well.

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