Friday, March 23, 2012

Coming Home - To A Place Called - Home

Traveling a long time gives one plenty of time to ponder many things.  Last week as I was driving on the last segment of my journey to Africa, I began to ponder – What does “home” mean to me?  I use the word to communicate how I feel about a certain place and people.  All who know me know that one of the contenders for my “home” love is Alabama.  I love Alabama.  I was raised in Mobile and graduated from the University of Alabama.  I frequently tell people that I am heading home to SWEET HOME ALABAMA!
But then, God has me stopped short of Alabama.  I’m now in Mississippi.  I call Mississippi home too.  Here I have been reunited with my sister.  God has allowed us to get to know each other better, in fact, better than we have our entire lives.  I have also made many new friends here who have added so much to my life.  The community of Daleville is small but people with genuine authenticity live here --- with a variety of different personalities.  They support the work I do in the community and in Africa.  Daleville, Mississippi is also my home.
Rwanda is also a place I call home.  I made friends there on my first trip to Africa and I always seem to feel that once again I have arrived home when I visit her land of one thousand hills.
Kenya is another place I have called home as well.
There are times when I reunite with friends who I have not seen for a while who make me feel at home.  You know the type.  You can pick up the conversation where you left off and feel like you’ve not missed a thing.  No matter the geographic location, I am at home when I am with them.
On this last trip to Rwanda, I experienced several home comings…. Rwanda, Alabama, Mississippi and the connections with longtime friends.  But in reality, none of these places are my home.  I’m only on earth for a season while I live for eternity. This earth is not my real home.  I am here only for a short while to do the work God has given me to do.  When I am finished here, I will THEN return to my TRUE home.
I look forward to my days in God’s presence while in my earthly home, but truly look forward with great anticipation my glorious homecoming for eternity…in God’s time.


Blogger Bob said...

Love the post Vicki. And the song, It says it all.

Anonymous said...

So thought provoking. Makes me take a closer look at what 'home' truly means. Thank you for your grace-filled insight.