Tuesday, July 24, 2012

God's Surprise Blessing for Me

Yesterday was a full day.  As is my style, my “to do” list was longer than Super Woman could complete in one day! Many tasks awaited my attention. 

A friend from Daleville is in the hospital.  Knowing that he is struggling, I wanted to see how he was doing.  Prayers truly bring him comfort as he has never turned down the opportunity to pray with me.  Sadly, he was not doing well and did not even recognize I was there.  I prayed anyway then moved onward to tackle the list.

As I was leaving, I was still praying in my heart for my friend, and all who love him.  I was rushing briskly through the hall as the “to do” list began to loom over my thoughts so much so that I almost did not catch a young nurse in the hall trying to get my attention:

 “You- you are the one I want to see.  Aren’t you the one that has been giving those New Believer New Testaments to the patients?”

“Yes, I am.”  As I responded, I was pleased that the bibles are being so well received.

“I’ve been looking for you.  May I have one to give to my 17 year old son?  It has such good information and is it easy to read and understand.  I understand it so much better.”

“Certainly!  There should be some in the Chaplain’s office.  I’ll let him know you want one.” 

I was so excited that God gave me the ears to hear her trying to get my attention.  As I was walking out of the door, I called the Chaplain to let him know the nurse would be getting in touch.

Then I remembered. I’ve been carrying some of the bibles in my trunk.  Yes!  They were still there!  Picking up two, I returned to the nurses’ station.  Although the nurse I spoke with minutes before was not there, another one took the New Testaments.  She too asked if she could have one!

Thrilled – Thrilled.  – Thrilled.  I just don’t have the words to tell you how thrilled I am that:

God put it on my heart to order the bibles

That I did it

That I invited others to be a part of 
sponsoring a bible to be given away and 

they, too, are a part of spreading God’s Words

Knowing that God is using us to help open His Word to others brings to me a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

I’m going to order some more bibles today.  One set of the entire bible for New Believers as well as another of the New Testaments.

Praying right now that God gives you the ears to His interruptions in your day’s agenda. 

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