Friday, June 14, 2013

This Is Holy Ground

What do these two places have in common?  Look closely.  Do you see?

Ahhh.  They BOTH are holy places!  Surprised? 

Several months ago I began helping out in the local Country store- the early morning shift.  I mean REAL early.  Four days a week I’m up at the store at 3:20 or so cooking for the early morning customers.  The store opens at 5 am and it is already stocked with all sorts of tasty food items to nourish the body.  But what folks don’t see is that I have already been asking God’s blessing on the food and each one who consumes it.  I spend time praying for not only the owners and co-workers every morning but also for each customer.  Four days a week for at least 1 ½ hours , this kitchen is filled with praises and conversation with our Lord.  God’s presence makes it holy ground.
The bench in the back yard is also holy ground.  I try to get back there often to meditate and ponder on God’s word.  I often just sit and “be” with Him.  There is no better time than to sit with the one who is the True Lover of my soul.  God meets me there.  It’s holy ground.
Now these are not the only two places we meet.  There are numerous times and places we connect throughout any given day. But these two places are special to me right now where I am in my sojourn with my Lord.
Where is your place to spend time with God – just the two of you?  Where is your Holy ground?

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Unknown said...

Awesome analogy between the 2 places.
I am amazed that I had to stumble to answer the question for where is my holy ground? I immediately went to quilt class, guild, and Rush's Volunteer desk on Friday.. I believe God is there..