Friday, February 4, 2011

Day Two of my 30-Day Prayer Experiment.

I set out yesterday to ask one person to join me in this experiment. Believe it or not, even after all of these years of learning to follow Jesus, I still had butterflies in my stomach before I asked. Yet I pushed through those fears and asked if she would enter into a prayer experiment with me. She eagerly agreed! I was surprised and pleasantly so! She agreed to pray every day for me to learn how to REALLY love God with all of my heart, all my soul and all my strength. I agreed to pray every day for a matter in her life. We’re off and running, both of us eager to see God move in our lives.

As I was reading the Scripture this morning, I realized that one of the ways that I will learn how to love God more is to read what he caused to be written for my benefit. I pondered for a moment.
Have you ever written something important to someone and they never read it? That has happened to me (and regretfully there are times when I have done it to others). I waited patiently for a response from the intended reader which never came.

Do you think it is possible that God himself is wanting and waiting for me to read what He wrote? Is He, too, patiently waiting to converse with me about it? I think so.

One way to love Him more …read His writing…and take time to talk to Him about it.

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