Saturday, February 5, 2011

Storm Preparedness; Day 3 of 30

For the past several days I’ve been trying to memorize a verse from Scripture. In the faith tradition in which I grew up, value and skills of scripture memorized were not taught. Off and on since my mid-thirties when I recommitted my life to following the teachings of Jesus, I’ve attempted to develop this skill.

Recently, we’ve had two winter storms in Daleville, MS. There was a real possibility that ice could form on the power lines and cause them to fall. So, we prepared for what “might” happen. We found a gas stove, purchased fuel, gathered food supplies and other necessities such as toilet paper and water. We were ready.

As I am working on memorizing, I can’t help but compare the storm preparedness activities to scripture memorization. There may be a day in the future when I don’t have ready access to my bible. Times are uncertain. Many places in the world bibles are outlawed. To start to memorize scripture when you KNOW for sure you will need too late. That would be just like waiting for the storm to hit and then trying to travel , when travel is dangerous or impossible. When you live out in the country, that is certainly unwise.

I’m just now realizing that this is another way to love God more. I can love him more by committing his words to memory and my hiding a vast reservoir of them in my heart. It really does not matter that, when young, this skill was not seen as a core value. I am old yet I can start afresh today.
How can I love you Lord?

1. By reading what you’ve written
2. By committing your words to memory and hiding them in my heart

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