Monday, February 14, 2011

Did You Hear That? Yeah, God did!

Have you ever talked to yourself about a particular concern?  You’re not praying or even thinking God is hearing your thoughts because you are, well, talking to yourself! But then, by the end of the day, your concern has been addressed.  No one else knew of it, except, of course, God but at the time you thought you were talking to yourself…you weren’t even aware that God was listening!  

That happened to me yesterday morning.  I have been ill for the last several days which kept me from my usual devotions and prayer.  Sure, I prayed, but they were “arrow prayers”.  “God please help so and so.  Please teach me to love you..amen.”

As I was preparing for church, I was thinking.. “ I’ve not listened too well to God these days. I don’t think I have heard any more direction as to HOW I can love him.  Oh well, maybe soon something will come to mind.”  And indeed it did. 

It came through the sermon shared by Brother Pigott at the Daleville Methodist Church
From the text found in Philippians 2: 12-18.  His main points, that I gleaned, were that we can show love to Jesus by:

  •  Working  hard at showing the results of our salvation.  This doesn’t mean that we earn salvation by work but rather because of what Jesus has done for us we should desire to work harder on our spiritual growth and development.
  • We are to do everything without complaining
  • We are to shine like stars.  That’s God working in and through us that shines.  Jesus is the Word made flesh and we are to flesh out the Gospel by the way we live thus…bringing His light into all the places we go.

God answered the concern that I did not even KNOW I was praying!  I just love it when He does that!

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