Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24, 2011

Is it REALLY safe where you are going?  Should you go?  There is so much going on in the world…

These are familiar questions to hear just prior to a mission to Africa.  It touches my heart to hear the concern people are sharing.  I appreciate their concern.

At the same time, here is how I approach not only mission but life in general.

Our reality is that we are not in control of when we die.  This is the truth no matter where we are.

People in Japan got ready for work as they have done every day this year.  But on Friday, March 11, 2011, a catastrophe happened.  Many lost their life.  No one expected it.   I can get in my car to drive to town and be killed in a crash.  I have no control of when it is my time to go to be with my Lord Jesus.

On my first visit to Rwanda, I was quite nervous.    It was my first trip to Africa outside of Egypt as a member of a study- tour group.  The year was 1998 and ambushes were still occurring in some regions, remnants from the 1994 genocide.  I called my connection three times before I decided for sure that I would follow through with the trip.  After the last call to Rwanda, the local news broadcast settled my decision.  A woman had just been killed.  It was a random drive by shooting.  All she was doing was filling up her car with gas.  She died.

For me that was all it took.  I would rather die doing what I believe that God called me to do than trying in my own power to “stay safe”.   It is an allusion.  Our time is not in our control!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am not one to go in harm’s way in order that I might be a martyr.  No sir, not me!  But will I go in harm’s way when I believe God is directing me to do so?  Yes, that I will do because of my firm belief in His direction. God knows where I need to be and when far better than I do myself!
Be that as it may, I do not believe that I am going into harm’s way this trip.  And I believe that every movement has been directed under His guidance.

I cherish your prayers for all aspects of this mission journey and eagerly look forward to my return to share with you what God is doing in Africa…God willing.
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Jeanie said...

Thanks for such moving words to that question. It also helps me get my thoughts around missions. Be safe and I will be praying for you daily to our Lord God Almighty who knows and sees all.