Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Journey Begins

It is the first morning away from home on this Spring mission 2011.  Jane Keith has been so gracious in providing me a welcoming home last night.  It was good to share a meal with the entire family.   She and Alfred will watch over my car for the next seven weeks so that I will not have to pay parking fees.  A simple gift which is a reflection of something much bigger- the Body of Christ in motion.

In the last twenty four hours several people have shared part of who they are with me: One serves as host home for dogs, another gives hugs and prayers, one raises funds and gives flowers, another provides a meal, another makes sure the car is running well, another gives a shirt and photos, one makes a deposit, another helps with making labels, database and keeping emergency information,  another buys lunch, another shared her gift of gardening and growing flowers, another dinner, several give their time, many are praying and more.  Each one is a blessing in and of itself.  But what is even greater is that when I step back and look at everything together, I see Christ.  Each part of His body (that is each person who is a follower of Jesus) doing what they love to do (a joy God gave them) to help another believer.  Just like when our physical body parts do what they were designed to do, we are able to live.  So it is with the body of Christ on earth.  He moves through His people to accomplish His will. 

We each have a mission.  Pay attention to what skills and talents you  LOVE to use.  USE them to help another! 

We can believe in God and Jesus and do nothing.  But when we believe and become involved in His actions in our community….we see wonders and miracles happen!

Vicki’s Journey Time and Place:  Written 7 am Central Time, Keith host home, Birmingham Alabama

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