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Friday, May 6, 2010, Kigali Rwanda 6:30 am

My Room at the AEE Guest House
So much has happened since I last wrote an entry.  We have wireless internet available in the AEE guest house which is great.  Though it is available, it does not work when the power goes off.  Frequently for some unknown reason the strength becomes  very weak which makes access to the internet not possible.  So I turn on my computer and watch the icons to see when we can catch a few moments on the internet.  It has been more unavailable than available this past week.

The Long Walk to Tuyisenge's Home
Last Friday, we made our way to the northern part of Rwanda to meet Tuyisenge, my sponsor child through Compassion International.  The roads for most of the way were paved.  Our first stop was the School center where he attends. As we approached closer, the “road” became a narrow path full of volcanic rock.  Our taxi was a normal car and could not travel over the “road” because it would damage his vehicle.  So we walked the remainder of the way.  The local Compassion International representatives explained all about the program and the services that are offered to the children.  Tuyisenge stayed home that day to receive his visitors so after listening to the program offered to the children, we visited Tuyisenge in his home. 

When we reached near  his home, again , we needed to walk.  This time it is was a a good long distance by American standards.   Motor bikes could travel the “road” through the banana trees but not our taxi.   I LOVE it when I am giving the opportunity to walk through the bush in order to visit people who live there.  God gave me such a feeling of peace and joy which was not unfamiliar to me.  It was the same experience as I walked through the bush in Kenya.

Tuyisenge’s home was small, made up of three rooms.  He lives there with his mother and two siblings.  Several other homes were in the vicinity…almost hidden by the abundance of banana trees. 

Our group of 7 filled the  sitting “room” to standing room only.  Froudard, a student leader from the seminar, accompanied us  on our travels , along with 2 people associated with Compassion International.

I brought gifts such as a football (American soccer), bubbles, pencils and pencil sharpener, life saver candy and a T-shirt from Daleville, Mississippi.  With all the attention he was getting, he was quiet and shy.  I am already asking God to allow me to visit again next year .  Perhaps by then he will recognize me and be able to be a bit more relaxed.

The weather here can change pretty quickly and during this season rain clouds are almost an everyday occurence.  Couldn't help but to simply aim the camera upwards and take a photo.

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