Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2010 Kigali Rwanda

I’ve started leading us (Diploma 3 students) in our second week of studies.  Well, it is not even a full week. We have only two more days of leaning on the Holy Spirit’s guidance as we seek to learn from each other what He wills for discipleship.  Tuesday and Wednesday are class days.  Thursday they have a study day and the exam is Friday.  Time is flying by too fast! 

I do so love and admire these students (19 men and 1 woman).  They are learning in their second or third language.  They study hard.  You can see the joy of the Lord in their eyes.    You know it is from the Lord when you are able to hear their personal stories.  I really believe in them because I know that the Holy Spirit has a home within them.  It is through these people and those like them that a world can change.  They will soon return to their villages sharing God’s word and helping His disciples to know how to apply it in their lives and to practice living as Jesus did.  The people they disciple  will be stronger in their faith and will be able to stand against evils such as in their history.   Jesus is our hope in this land and in all lands.

It seems there is a financial crisis at the college.  We are praying daily for God to provide.  Funds are lacking to pay salaries and to provide gas for the College vehicle.   I do not quite understand where how they are feeding the students.  Please join me in prayer.

As we walked back to the main building after lunch today for tea, one full time teacher was informing me of the threat of increase violence against Americans because of the death of bin Laden. I shared my deep held belief that I will not leave this earth one second ahead of the time God has ordained.  This discussion led into sharing of personal testimonies of dangerous situations we have found ourselves in.  I, in Kenya a few years ago because I was involved in assisting some people getting baptized.  One has memories of the war in the Congo and another during the genocide in Rwanda. It is amazing how God brings some through such traumas.... others He brings home.

Tonight, I am thanking God for that time we had to share with one another.

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