Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011 Kigali Rwanda

Today has been quite pleasant as are most days in Rwanda.  The temperature must be in the seventies.  Rains do not come every day as when we first arrived. We’re half way into May and the rains come every few days.

The Diploma 3 Students took their final exam yesterday.  Both classes organized a time of “thank you” for me. Actually I was surprised, pleasantly.   Diploma 3 students gave me a basket and Diploma Two students gave me a photo and a milk jug (which means wishes for wealth!)  I am rich in friends!

Today, I am TRYING to re-pack!   I have two suitcases but I am trying  to organize so that I can put what I want to carry into a carry on and a hand bag.  The MAF plane will be small and we are traveling on motorbikes in Turkana region.  An adventure awaits me! 

I hope to take time before I sleep to really assess this part of the mission.  I experienced some difficult times emotionally mainly because circumstances are just not what they used to be.  Change can be good  but sometimes I have a problem making the needed adjustments.   I need to take time to really assess my emotional reaction as see what God is showing me about myself! 
KATC Principle Antoine Rutayisire had four weddings he was a part of at St Pauls in Remeira.  He planned to be here about 45 min ago but I expect  the weddings caused a delay.  Rev Amooti is planning to take me out to dinner.  He traveled north for a celebration so he too might be running late.   Sometimes I do well with the waiting time and other times not so good.  Today , I am coping quite well.

Closing for now… 4.45 pm in Kigali, Rwanda AEE

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