Friday, June 10, 2011

Burning The Hay

Getting back in the swing of life in Daleville is always interesting. One of the first chores I needed to do when Barnabas and I returned to the cabin was to put fresh hay in his “house” for his bed. Those wiser than I told me I needed to burn the old hay. Betty also wanted me to burn extra boxes that were just taking up storage.

If it is not too hot, I love that chore! Not sure why, but I do. Within a few days of my return, that task was accomplished! Complete! Yeah! One thing finished!

That is why it seemed odd to me that within the last week, I’ve had a recurring dream about all the hay that was waiting for me to burn! On several nights, my dream had me burning the hay and boxes again. In the dream, Betty would ask me if I finished… I would say yes. I would go to place where I but the hay for burning only to discover it was not gone but rather to find that a larger stack was there for me to burn! Geee!!! It is the one thing that I finished and it kept haunting me!

One morning , I shared the dream with Betty and at the same time we both realized my dream was concerning all the unfinished tasks that were waiting my attention. And there are many that are waiting! Between jet lag, the hot summer days and a recurring cough , I just don’t seem to finish much!

As I ponder the dream and the “TO DO” list, I’ve become increasingly aware of my habit of starting projects and jumping to a new one when I get bored with the first..of course always intending to get back on the job….after a break! I end up having TOO many things to do!

I am determined to start a new way of living! I want to increase the number of finished tasks, so that more tasks are finished before I bring new projects on. I had a pretty clean slate when I returned from Africa…but now it is full. Pray with me. If, by chance, you have the same challenge in time management, let me know and I will keep you in my prayers as well.

IN the meantime, when Betty inquires what I am planning to do…these days I often tell her. “I’m going to burn the hay.” Meaning I am off taking care of some unfinished projects!

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