Friday, July 29, 2011

It is helpful to have recreation.  Edward Bellamy, an American author from the later-half of the 1800’s once said, “If bread is the first necessity of life, recreation is a close second.”  Recreation is great for the soul and the mind.

Most evenings I try to work on a mosaic table top I’m putting together.  This night is not much different than the others.  Barnabas rests and dreams (of finally catching those squirrels, I’m sure!) and the night air begins to cool slightly.

As I work on the table I take a moment to reflect on God, as I try to do during most of my activities and life adventures.  Just as I know what the total mosaic looks like... God knows what He created in each of us. I keep chipping away at layers of grout that is hiding its beauty because I know what I designed it to be. Same with God. He keeps chipping away at our old patterns of selfish ways because it hides our beauty and hinders what he wants us to be.

Do you have ‘grout’ in your life?  We all do – no one is immune to it.  Is it getting dirty and tainted with things of this world past and present?  What type of ‘grout’ do you need God to work on so that more of your inner beauty comes out?  How many more pieces of the puzzle do you need God to place before you start to see that you are a creation of the Master?

So many times we pray to God to remove this and that from our lives and to repair this thing over there.  And we continually want God to show us the big picture – what IS His deal for us, right?  Sometimes God hands us a few pieces of the puzzle – a few stone pieces for the mosaic.  It’s hard to see the final product because we aren’t the one who created it to begin with.  God-Creator did.  And we have to trust that it will come together.

Do you recall the 1980's movie, Ferris  Bueller's Day Off?  There's a scene where they go to the museum and his friend Cameron becomes completely mesmerized by the little girl in Georges Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.  Seurat's painting is a classic example of what has become known as pointillism (although originally the term was used to make fun of the technique!).  Pointillism is a technique of painting in small dots of pure color, applied in patterns to form an image.    

The character, Cameron, begins to wonder if people really see the 'whole Cameron' or if they only see such a very small part of him that they really have no idea what he looks like.  God has the unique ability to not only see the large picture, but also each minute detail that goes in to that whole picture.

You see, we yearn to see the whole picture of the world, our lives, and even the future.  We see small portions of the whole picture but God has the ability to see them in a different light. After all, He created the masterpiece that is YOU - and he sees the smallest parts but also the whole.

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