Friday, August 5, 2011

My God Is My Rock

It’s a sticky morning here in Daleville.  Humidity is high but there is a gentle breeze as I sit in my special place to meditate and listen to God.  The breeze is a nice hint of grace on such a hot, blistery day.  Barnabas sits next to me as we are both mesmerized by the cardinals feeding in a nearby bird feeder.  God is present in His creation and  ever present with us in joy and in times of trouble.  I seem to sense that more during these times on the porch on summer mornings in Mississippi.

Today, I was focusing on parts of the Psalm 18:1-3.  It was the word “refuge” that stuck with me.  Refuge: a shelter or protection from danger. 
God is willing to be my shelter or protection from danger. 

How many times do I REALLY run to him for protection from danger?

When I am hurt where do I turn first?

Do I turn to another human?
                        Perhaps a friend whom I believe will have a kind word to sooth my soul?

Do I turn first to a drink, a glass of wine, or some other drug? 
                       Perhaps I believe that will make me numb to the pain.

Do I turn first to my lover? 
                      Perhaps I believe they will hold me tight and they can protect me from everything that threatens to damage by soul.
Do I turn to work? 
               Perhaps if I just get my mind off of the pain it will go away.
Why does it seem these options seem to be the right and acceptable thing to do in our culture?  Why does it seem so odd to go to GOD first?  To confide in the One  who really is the only One who has the power to heal and protect my soul?
Is it  because He is invisible to our natural eye?
Do we want someone or something we can see or touch…something that makes us feel different immediately?
Our natural ways to seek shelter and protection will never bring lasting relief.  The only thing that does  this is meeting with and listening to the Lover of our soul.
But how?  If you’ve never tried to meet with God perhaps some of the ideas below will help.  If you have but have lost your way, maybe they will encourage you.
1.  Find a “safe” place where you can be unhindered and undistracted.  Some find a special place like I use the front porch of our “play house”.  Others go for a walk in the woods or by water.   The places are as numerous and unique as each individual.

2.  Tell God your pain.  It may feel silly at first cause you cannot see him but don’t worry he is there.  He hears you.  He already knows how you are hurting even more thoroughly than you understand yourself.  Yet, although he already knows, something happens within us in the process of telling Him.

3.  Ask God to heal your pain.

4.  Listen for Him to respond.  You might not hear anything yet it is good to sit and wait to hear…to listen….He will communicate in one way or another.  It may be in something that happens in the days to come or in a conversation with a friend.  God quickens your heart and you will know “in your knower” that He is connecting with you.

5.  Keep seeking Him.  He promises that when we seek Him, He will be found by us.
Give it a try
Why not experiment?  Try it for several days…even daily for a couple of weeks.  Wait and see what God does.  Write down your experiences even when you did not sense anything happening.  God will use that to show you new and wonderful things about Himself.
You have nothing to lose except a missed opportunity to meet with God Your creator and the only one whose love for you is unfailing and NEVER ending.  He is the only true Lover of your soul in whom we can take trusted refuge.

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