Friday, September 30, 2011

Just being together

If you don’t know already, I love my dog Barnabas! I believe he is a lab/great dane mix. We don’t know for sure because someone abandoned him out in the country where I live with my sister. As I was walking to the little community church one day he just ran up and greeted me as if we already knew each other! To make a long story short, Barnabas adopted me and then I adopted him!We spend most of our time together. I can access internet on the back porch of the cabin, so we often sit there together..I working on the computer and he chewing on a bone watching to see if an unsuspecting squirrel might pass by. He loves to chase them.

From time to time he will dash off to chase something or alert the Daleville community that someone is not in the right place! Usually it is the water man coming to read meters in the yards or the man for the power company. Wow --- though he has not bitten anyone, his bark combined with his size can certainly put a fright on someone. Most of the time I keep the gate closed so I have a bit of control of when he dashes off. He can, and in the past has, jumped over the fence but in recent months he has chosen to take my hint to stay put.

Yesterday evening we were sitting on the porch enjoying the afternoon. The sizzling temperatures are just now finally coming down. I noticed that the gate was wide open yet Barnabas chose to just sit with me. We must have just sat together for about an hour without any distractions. I remember thinking, “It is so cool that Barnabas is just choosing to sit with me when he is free to run and investigate his own world.” Just knowing that he had the freedom to leave but he chose to stay…warmed my heart.

My mind then pondered on God. I wondered if God had similar feelings when I choose just to sit and be with him. Not begging for attention or asking for things or for some kind favor just sitting with God and enjoying His company. I cannot help but believe that if I, a human, can gain such satisfaction from
Barnabas choosing to be with me asking for nothing in return, that God, my father gets such pleasure when I choose to sit and be with Him, too.

I want to give my God more pleasure than Barnabas can give me. I want Him to know that I love him and would rather be with Him than chasing any pursuit of my own pleasures but honestly I just don’t sit and enjoy Him enough.

Let’s pray for each other that we will choose to enjoy God and sit with Him wanting nothing more than just being together.

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