Saturday, September 24, 2011

But Do You Really, Truly NEED It?

There is no earthly way we can manage to get every little thing we want.  Even the richest have things they still want and are unable to obtain.  Our desires always extend far beyond our own capacity for obtaining them. 

God-Provider meets our needs – not our wants.  Some of our wants may be in accord with our needs but more times than not, if we truly seek our hearts, we cry to God for our wants and not our needs.

I recall that when I was a young child I would ask my mom or dad for things all the time. Have you been through the grocery store with a 5 year old in the grocery cart? 

“Daddy can I have this?”

“No honey, you may not”

“But Daddy, I really, truly want it”

“But do you really, truly need it?”

Unfortunately the conversation typically does not end there as the child will no doubt continue the bargaining negotiations until there is a clear victor and a clear loser.  But consider for a moment the same conversation between you and God-Parent.

“God, can I have this?”

“My child, you may not have that”

“But God, I really want it.  You know it’s a desire of my heart and I really, truly want it”

“But, my dear child, do you really, truly NEED it?”

You see, providing for the child whether humanity to humanity or God –Father to humanity, the satisfaction of our hearts is really not just a matter of taste or preference but one of life or death. 

How does your life reflect your dependence on God?   A child is dependent on its parent(s) for food, clothing, shelter, safety, security, and a future.  So it is with every child of God.  We are dependent on Abba Father.  Abba, (which some scholars believe can be translated as ‘Daddy’), watches over us carefully and is able to discern our cries between ones of want and ones of need.  God does provide our needs and usually in abundance but too often our wants overshadow our ability to see our needs.

So back to the question at hand:  how does your life reflect your dependence on God?  If God is truly supplying all that you NEED, than people around you are going to see it.  And eventually they are going to recognize that they also need the same comfort, security, and future that you do.

Dear Abba Father, thank you for supplying all our needs.  Help us to reach out of our comfort area, to stretch our hearts and our spiritual arms towards you in seeking what we truly need.  Save us from selfish wants so that we may recognize the gifts of everyday abundance that you continually pour out upon us.   

The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your needs in parched places, and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters never fail.  Isaiah 58:11

submitted by Pastor Kurt

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