Friday, September 9, 2011

Preparing the Heart for 911 Memorial

I’ve spent a lot of time in recent days preparing my heart, mind and soul for our local community worship on Sunday September 11, 2011. Everyone in the country knows it is the tenth anniversary of terrorist’s attacks on our country. It is important to remember significant events not only in the life of our country but also in our personal lives. It can give us perspective and help us to more clearly see where God has been and the route He has led us.

Although I know my experience of the event is influenced by my personal faith, I seem to recall how a significant portion of our country turned to God for help and solace. No apologies were needed then to pray to God. People just cried out to the Almighty – the only one who saves. Now, ten years later, it seems like there is an illusion that the god of political correctness has returned to the throne. Debates are held whether or not one can pray in the public square.

I wonder if that is also true in times of our own sudden personal tragedies. We cry to the One who is the only faithful lover of our soul. He enables us to pass through troubled times often passing through  them a much stronger and better person. Then time passes. We forget. We slip back into ways of life our society approves. Too quickly we forget to follow the ways of God , the ways that bring fullness to our life and yield, bit by bit , ever so subtlety, to the ways of the world.

If seems as if God is speaking to me on this anniversary: Take time to remember where you have been and how I, the Lord, has sustained you. Honor Me daily in the way you live the life I have given to you. Remember the Hope: whereas all others and the ways of this world will forsake you, NOTHING can separate you from Me. I am with you always – today, throughout this life and throughout eternity.

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