Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thunder Storms… My plans deferred... but not God’s

I’ve been delayed in Gulfport, Mississippi where I visit once a month for Clinical Pastoral Education.  Severe thunder storms lined the route between Gulfport and Daleville.   I hate to drive in bad weather.  So, I am using these precious hours to rest and reflect.  The extra night here was not in MY plan but it was in God’s plans.  His ways are always better than mine!
Just like the physical thunder storms, I rarely like the storms in my life either.  At the same time I know that God uses them in miraculous ways.  They make me pause, reflect and discern where I am following the ways of Jesus and ways that need change.    I often change my planned course in life to adapt to the changes the storm has brought.  If it were not for the storms, I would not grow as much spiritually.  To maneuver through the emotional and spiritual storms of life necessitates dependence on God.
So though I do not like storms, I thank God for them.  I am a better person because of what God does in me through the storms.

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