Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Evening 2.29.2012

The birds sang me awake this morning and this time I was awake enough to record them! I will post them later this week for you to hear.

Before I started the day I read the post of Kurt Danskin our Virtual Assistant.  Take time to read his blog at  Very moving and powerful. One can see his heart through his words.

 Have you ever realized how a simple gesture can communicate so much? I was early to the Chapel service and two students were preparing to lead  us in worship.  As I watched them,  I became  sad.  The room was too  empty. It had been a place full of energy.  People eager to teach and others eager to learn God's word created an atmosphere full of God's presence.  In financial strain the Dioceses struggle to support the students they send.  Without funds, the college cannot feed the students nor pay the faculty or staff.  Where the fledgling campus once served three class years of students now there is only one.  The current group of students came the first year I taught there: 2010.  The Chapel room, usually full of benches to seat students now only has two.  As I pondered,  I  commented that more students should be at the college and the two in the room quickly agreed.  The remaining two benches were at the back of the Chapel.    I think the third year students always sat on the back two rows.  Now they are the Third year students but, sadly, there are no other classes, but they are going to still sit in the last two rows.   Commenting as I waved my hands back and forth pointing toward the once filled but now empty space, "This is just sad and should not be." 

The two students glanced at me and then to each other. Without a word they moved the two benches from the back to the middle of the room.  The space still was too empty but the simple gift of moving the benches communicated volumes to me.  Even though the students are sad too, they did what was in their power to  relieve my sadness. They moved the benches to partially fill a void. That simple gesture touched my heart.  I knew God saw it and was pleased. I pray that I will do likewise to help ease the sorrow of another but doing what is in my power to matter how simple the gesture may be.
The tree in which the birds sit when they sing to in the mornings
We have tea time every day at10:10 and after lunch

View of Kigali from the Guest House

My Sleeping Area

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