Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Evening 2.28.2012

The weather was beautiful today.  No rain as of yet (5:46 pm) !  On the way to KATC today I had fun just taking snap shots of what I saw along the way from the perspective of sitting in the middle of the back seat.  They are attached below in a nice series that will hopefully give you a perspective of the landscape.

Today, the highlights of our class content was looking at background of 1 Thessonlonians and of the background of the people there.  We discussed the  reason we need to pay attention to the culture that one comes from when we are discipling them.  We also discussed the importance of not only knowing Scripture in our heads but also of putting it into practice in our lives.

On the way home, we saw a large rig turned over.  It had been carrying cows. Many Rwandans were trying to get the cattle out of the truck.  Too bad I did not have my camera in my lap on the way home!  We saw a couple of cows walking away from the accident.  One of them had someone trying to keep up with him and the other looked like he was escaping without notice.  I wondered if those cattle were thinking it was safer to walk than to drive - especially after that accident!  There are times when I travel  that I think the same thing!

I continue to have problems wìth the internet.  My tablet tells me that it is accessible - but I cannot connect.  I am thinking now that i should have brought my laptop.  The tablet is a lot easier for me - but not if I can't access the internet... ugh! I am praying that later tonight or tomorrow God will intervene in the situation. OH!  Let me stop right now and ask him!   PRAISE REPORT... I was able to connect within 5 minutes of stopping and asking for God to intervene! Thank you God!

I am off to eat dinner then to review the student's assignments. Blessing to you!


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