Monday, February 27, 2012

2-27-12 Evening

Birds are amazing! This morning it sounded  as if the they gathered ALL of their friends and relatives to serenade me to the beautiful sounds of their voices to wake me!  If I can get my brain engaged fast enough  I 'll record them so that you can hear them as well!

After swiftly eating my fruit for breakfast, I was greeted by Alfonce, the driver, with a great big smile! I could not have designed  a better start for the day if I had created it myself!

I look forward to posting photos. One I will post for sure is the road in front of the Guest House. It's a bit rough, as were many such roads on the journey today.  (That is like life isn't it? There are some mighty rough roads we must travel to arrive at our destination....and then some times they are smooth)

On the way we picked up Emily who is working in organizing the library.  For those of you who have kept up with the needs of KATC since the beginning, we prayed for over a year that we could locate someone to help in this area.  I told her that I take photos of answered prayers and asked if she would pose for me.  She is willing but time escaped us to day.

It was great to see the men of the college again.  The students and staff are looking good and they gave me such a warm welcome.

The students were ready to start their studies as usual. The primary workbook used for the course could not be found so I did the best I could with putting one together. We had what we needed to get started for today's session. That, plus  materials on Spiritual Triads, gave us more then enough material for our first day of class.  I truly look forward to the days ahead as we pray together and listen to what God is showing us in the area of discipleship and spiritual formation.

After the sessions today I went again to the City Center to have copies of handouts made.  These are essential as we have no text to use.  While there I made arrangements to fly to the Changugu area of Rwanda.  The newly consecrated Bishop Nathan Amooti invited me to preach at his church.  The drive is normally 6 hours but the flight will only take 30 minutes!

The week's end will be a busy one.  I confirmed my visit to the North to see my Compassion International child. Then early morning Sat morning I will fly to the Southwest returning on Monday morning, God willing.

I am starting to gather pictures but as last time, it can be a challenge to upload them.  I will figure out a way in a few days!
My closest moments to Christ today were the singing birds and the warm greetings of beautiful smiles. I saw the love of Christ extended to me by those who helped me along the way so I would not loose my way. The body of Christ is beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

God is Soooo Good!!! Grateful that you arrived safely and know that the LORD will be with you in all things:)
Thinking and praying for you.
Blessings to you and everyone over there:)
Love in Christ,