Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday, early afternoon 3.10. 2012

A great blessing came my way this morning! Tesire dropped by the office to pick up the funds for her sales.  She was happy that I was in the office.  She told me how much it was a blessing to her to give me the basket to collect offerings to God from His people.  I had been the first person who wanted to talk to her, to hear about her life,  to know her.  All others just buy a few items but none wanted to talk with her.  I felt a warmness in my heart just thinking how blessed I was to have God use me to bless her.

 Do you remember how disappointed I felt a few days ago when I could not think of more questions to ask?  God used what I gave, my time and sincere caring, to touch Tesire and to encourage her.  I am so very thankful.

The time in Rwanda is quickly coming to a close. In a matter of hours I'll be on another plane heading back to my beloved America.  Will I ever return? I hope so.  KATC will be reorganizing their offerings to make education more accessible to pastors.  The change will be very good and I pray for more people who need such training.  A large segment will be taught in Kinyarwanda though some classes will remain to be taught in English yet at this point I do not know if I will be called to serve in teaching again.   Though sad, I came into KATC with the class who is finishing this year. Perhaps it will be a good time for me to finish there too. Time will tell.

I've caught up on my paperwork, having finished grading the exams (they did well), and even up to date on my expenditure report.  Packing is finished as well. I think this is the first time ever for me to accomplish such a feat!  In most of the years past, I've been busy meeting with others and visiting but today is different.  I am a bit bored at the moment but glad.  I've had time to rest and live at a normal pace.  Perhaps this will enable me to not to get sick on the way home (which is normal).

As I sit on the pack porch of the Guest House dining area overlooking the neighborhood I can see a training camp in the distance for security personnel. I hear their singing, yelling and laughing all the while exercising.   I suppose the singing makes it easier for them to complete their drills.  It's fun to listen - wishing I understood what they were saying! The afternoon rains have come and they have gone inside yet the the birds in the tree are not intimidated by the shower.  They continue to make their voices heard.

 I increasingly give my deep appreciation to God for allowing me to be a part of His work in Rwanda and other places in Africa.  At the same time, I am equally thankful that He is allowing me to be involved in what He is doing in Daleville MS.  It's great to visit Africa but I am so very glad to live in America.  This is a great time in history to be alive - physically and spiritually.  Our God is an awesome God.

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