Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Asking God to Show Himself Today

Today I'm asking God to show himself in every person I meet.  I also prayed this prayer (among others):

God, today, will you give me an awareness of your mercies throughout it? At the days end, I want to give you praises with a truly thankful heart by a change in my attitudes and behavior - not just lip service. I want to increasingly give up going about living life seeking to fulfill my desires so that I will be of more service to you. I know I cannot do this with my own willpower but you can enable me. I'm looking forward to sharing what you did tonight with others - giving honor to your name!

After I wrote these prayers and posted on Twitter and FB, I went to my morning reading.  Today one of the first sections I read was from Matthew 4 - the Temptations.  Boy, I can always identify with this reading because I am ALWAY tempted  to live life MY way - not God's.  "People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God."  It seemed like an affirmation to my earlier prayers.  God:  help me today to hear every word that comes from your mouth so that I can truly live this day the way you desired.

What will today bring?  I have no idea!  My plans are to visit the sick at Rush Hospital and pray with anyone who will let me that they might be healed - in body , mind or spirit.  Then when I get home, I need to work on assignments for Clinical Pastoral Education.  Other than the routine- like feeding, walking and playing with Barnabas - and eating and breathing...I don't know what the day holds.  If left to myself, my life might be a bore - but when I ask God to show me himself in every person I meet and to increase my awareness of his mercies - there is a new adventure every day!  I'm looking forward to what God's day will bring to me on this journey.

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