Friday, April 13, 2012

Finished! Task Completed!

Isn’t there a sense of satisfaction when you’ve finished an assignment, project or chore?  I love it!  I can SEE the results.  I look at the finished task at the end of the day and say: “ Self, job well done!  It’s finished!  You succeeded in finishing this venture! You did it!  You can see the work of your hands.”  Relief and a bit of freedom comes to create some “play” time before starting another task.

In relational ministries, the job is never finished.  It is never complete.  This sometimes gives me a stumbling block in truly have quality “play time”.  My mom used to always tell me “Finish your work first, then you can go out to play”.

Or “Once you finish your chores then you can play”.  That created a sense of a great work ethic for which I am deeply grateful.  At the same time since I am “self-employed” in relational/pastoral ministries, there is no “It’s quitting  time!”  There is no “project” ever completed!

The most important aspect of being used by God in relational ministries cannot be seen by the natural eye.  They are spiritual treasures in the soul of others.  I cannot look at another person and say: “Self: the work of your hands did that!” Doesn’t that sound absurd and totally untrue!  God might use me to assist another along the journey toward him, but it is never finished and it is never something I did!   

That’s why I take so much joy in sharing that the fundraising for the Emmanuel Community School Kitchen project is finished!  We met the goal!  God allowed us to see a project started and completed!  What an honor!  If you are not on the Emmanuel Connections Email News – join so you can see the photos!  For years to come, I can look at that kitchen in Kenya and say to myself that God was so good to let me play a part in building it.  It will help so many people for years to come.

I do get deep fulfillment and satisfaction from bring a pastor, chaplain and friend even though the job is never finished.  I would not trade it for the world! But I have to remember that I also need to include endeavors that I CAN finish!  It’s a must for my mental health!  Just to let you know, I am going to start a wood burning art project. I’m planning to make stations for the Way of the Cross meditations.  I’ll have a start and finish to that endeavor.  I used to love doing those type of projects when younger – so I’m going to try again!   

Praying that God gives you times when you know in your heart of hearts he is saying to you: “Job well done” and that you too can see the work of your hands!

Oh wait!  I just realized something!  I started and finished this blog!  YES!  Yeah self!  You FINISHED one job for today!  Praise our Lord for his mercy is never failing or ending!

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