Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beautiful Spring day in Daleville

As I sit in my back porch office, I scan across the scenery of the yard and see all of creation singing  His praises.   There are a myriad of shades of green color throughout the back yard tapestry as well as a bit of other colors of purple, white and red in the  planted flowers.  A squirrel scampers across the lawn stopping every now and then to sit on his hind legs and scope out his journey.  Three birds are taking turns in the bird bath.  Others birds are singing and still others flitter from branch to branch through the oak trees.  You can hear various kinds of birds singing --- oh it sounds so beautiful.  Since it is Saturday, the sounds of the cars on Hwy 39 in front of the cabin are not as a consistent distraction as they are on weekdays.  There are plenty of lulls in the sounds of passing traffic which makes it easier to hear the symphony of the birds.  Barnabas is sound asleep to it all.

I am trying to write a self-reflection paper for CPE but keep getting caught up in the wonder of God’s creation right in front of me.

Praying that this day you, too, are entering the wonder of his presence in his glorious creations.

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