Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Memories - Pressed Between the Pages of My Mind

"Memories - Pressed Between the Pages of My Mind":  This line of an Elvis Presley song came flooding in my mind today as I rushed back to the hotel to try to jump into the pool for a few laps before dinner.

Memories… of family vacations when I could not wait to arrive so I could get into the hotel swimming pool.  That was all I wanted to do – to play in the water.   Mom was always watching and Dad would join me as soon as he got off work.

Memories – of sitting on the beaches of Gulf Shores listening to the sounds of the waves and knowing God was with me.

Memories – of a friend who gifted me with a stay in a Nairobi 5 star Hotel.  In all my years of staying in Africa, I never stayed in a 5 star hotel with a swimming pool, until this gift.  It was so much fun swimming.    I felt so much at peace with God and the world

The music and memories from a time I dearly cherish.  The people left fingerprints on my life and changed me forever. 

These memories remind me that every day, I am making new memories that somehow God will keep pressed between the pages of my mind--- until just the right time.  I wonder why I remember them today?

May God give us beautiful memories.

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