Thursday, April 5, 2012

A King to Some – What say you?

“Jesus of Nazareth: King of the Jews” was the sign that Pilate, who was an unbeliever in Jesus Christ, had nailed to the cross.  The sign was written in Hebrew, Latin and Greek so that many people could read it.  The leading priests at the time objected and asked Pilate to change the sign to read “ He said, I am King of Jews”.  Pilate refused. 

While I was reading this account in the Chapter 19 of the Gospel of John, I was struck by a few simple facts.  Pilate, though he did not believe it himself, was the one that proclaimed the truth about Jesus in a manner that all who saw him on the cross would be told the truth.  Yet Pilate ordered his crucifixion to please the crowds.  The leading priests, who knew all the scriptures, the scriptures that gave witness to Jesus Christ as the One who was their Messiah, could not see the truth.  They wanted to distance themselves from the Truth.  And last but not least, his closest followers were nowhere to be found.

Sometimes the people you least expect to; will speak God’s Truth.  There will be times when the ones you expect to lead the way to Jesus, will, if they had their way, divert you from the Truth.   Sometimes His closest followers are nowhere to be found.

Thank God that Jesus Christ overcame the death he suffered on the cross and is alive today.  Because of this truth, we don’t have to totally depend on other humans.  His Spirit can live in us daily, leading us and guiding us in the way of TRUTH.  He will never leave us or forsake us.  We don’t have to clean up our lives before we ask him to be a part of it. Just simply ask Him to come into your life – and He will.

What say you?  Is he REALLY your King?  Is He involved in your daily life? 

On the way to volunteer at a local hospital, I pass a church sign that reads: “God wants to be a full time father not a week end Dad”  Which one is He in your life?

Who is this Jesus?  What matters most, to you, is how you answer that question – in truth.

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