Monday, June 4, 2012

The Doll In the Window

There are many blessings in life that I’ve taken for granted.  Regretfully, too many times the moments of laughter with friends has been one of them. 

Today, I went to the local Salvation Army Store to give a donation of “Blessing Boxes”.  My sister Betty and I started clearing out things that at one time were treasures to us but now only collect dust while taking up space.  These one-time-treasures need to move along to be a blessing to others; a new treasure to another.  One item in particular made me a little heavy in the heart to part with but I know it was the right thing to do.  And as we left the store I turned to look in the window... 

There she was- sitting in the window – wanting someone to notice her and give her a new home.

Though she is old – over 50 years – she still works quite well. She is ready to play!

 She is well traveled.   She’s traveled in a chest from Alabama to Florida; from Florida to Pennsylvania; from Pennsylvania to California.  In California she was moved from a chest to a moving box to make the journey to Mississippi.  Last month, I found her again and immediately remembered the little girl within me.  The one who laughed and laughed with the doll (I forgot her name) and with my best friend Debbo.  You pull the cord and she talks to you announcing that she likes you and you have a friend!

There are  times that I miss being that little girl with lots of laughter and I miss my close friends.

I gave the doll to the Salvation Army so that perhaps she will come to life once more and bring joy and laughter to new little girls.  Maybe that ol' gal (though she still looks quite young) will bring new smiles very soon.  It is a bit sad to see her sitting in a window…just waiting. 

Blessed is the Lord our God, who created laughter and friends.  May we never take  either one – or our Creator  -  for granted.

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