Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pondering the Intimate Relationship with Christ

Isn’t it odd?  That is, the concept of having an intimate relationship with One who is invisible to our naked eye?

Often children have an imaginary friend, one who only they know intimately and one who can only be seen and known by them.  Adults appease the child by talking to them about their friend and, at times, pretending they are talking to their friend.  All the while, the adults know the child’s friend is not real.  But if it makes the child happy – what is the harm?

Is that what people think about Jesus?  Is He just an imaginary being to whom some give allegiance? Do many think he is just a figment of the imagination past down from generation to generation?  Many verbalize by rote his early, earthly known history in creeds.  Songs are sung about Him that bring comfort because they are familiar tunes.

 How can one have a relationship with an invisible being?  Is it possible to have a conversation between lovers and not a sound be uttered?  How is that possible?  Is it true that one can REALLY have an intimate relationship with God? 

Yes.  It is true.

How – I don’t know.

It is hard to believe that it is possible – but it is.

There are people who have attended church worship services for years – every Sunday in fact – who have yet to experience this type of relationship with Jesus.  It is as if there is a subtle thought process working in their subconscious.  They think, in their hearts: “  He is a god-man whom men did not recognize as God.  Jesus is an historical figure who once lived on earth.  When he was here he did a lot of good things for the human race.  It is the Christian tradition and the “right” thing to do to give him honor by going to church every Sunday.” Though I do not think I’ve ever heard anyone verbalize it that way but I know it works in the subconscious of some.  How do I know? I know because it worked that way within me for many years.

 If there are people in the pews (and there are) still searching for such a relationship how many others are searching that we come in contact with daily?

Why do some know this intimate relationship and others have never experienced it? 

I do not know. 

There could be several reasons that I can give based on what God has already shown us in Scripture.  But the truth is, I do not know the exact reason for any specific person regardless of what I can or cannot see in their behavior…God does.  He is the ONLY ONE that knows the heart of a person. Ultimately, He is the only one that can open our minds and our hearts to experience Him.  

Lord our God, come Lord Jesus, come.  Open the hearts and minds of Your people.  Allow us to know you more.  Show us the way. Guide us in the right path. Teach us Your way of life.

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