Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The pleasure of being in the tangible presence of God

The pleasure of being in the tangible presence of God far exceeds anything that I have ever experienced.  It is so amazing that God allows me to draw close to Him.  I don’t have to wait until my journey on earth is finished.  It is a reality today – in this very moment.

The ceiling fans are blowing a fresh wind in this humid Mississippi air.  The sounds of the calming instrumental MY BELOVED CALLS by Terri Geisel play sweet sound to the background of the birds, squirrels and chipmunks flittering, scampering and chattering in the yard.  Barnabas is close by – sound asleep even though it is quite early.  The color pad of the myriad shades of green brings pleasure to the eyes.

I read only a few sentences in You Are a Writer (So Start acting like one) by Jeff Goins and I have to stop.  Sometimes it is only a few words.  God speaks to my heart.  Sometimes  they are convicting. - Other times affirming.

Today I am glad I am here.  I am on a journey to explore the wonder of God’s kingdom among us today.

My challenge for today was to declare that I am a writer.  Jeff goes on to say:

 Not just to your wall or computer or notebook, but to an actual person or institution. Someone or something you’re scared of — this could be a person who might reject or judge you, a family member who may misunderstand you, or a publisher who could discredit you. But tell them and tell them now.

Do it with pride and boldness. Write about it, tweet it about, record a video if you want. The more outrageous it is, the more likely you are to believe”

It took courage for me to put a post on Facebook.  To admit how embarrassing my errors in grammar and spelling have been and continue to be to me was a huge confession.   It is strange to me that I could not think of a person I am in connection with today who might reject or judge my profession.  On any other occasion, I can readily name them.  Why not today?  As I write, people come to my mind who would judge – but my assumption is that they would not tell me directly. I was trying to think of those who would reject or judge to my face and not behind my back.

It’s ok that I did not succeed in meeting this challenge.  There will be others ahead.  I’ll learn and grow from each one I meet and fail to accomplish.

Thanking God right now for giving me the courage and time to focus on writing.  After all; He IS  my Creator.  He knows I am a writer and knows what has been hindering me all these years.

I am a writer.  To God be the glory.

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