Friday, August 3, 2012

Acts of Forgiveness

With the best intentions to live up to my commitment to blog every day, I failed on Day Two!  I allowed other meetings and tasks to take over my energy and time leaving nothing in me to write.  Sure, I can use excuses.  All the tasks I focused on yesterday were good and needed attention.  But I failed, even with good intentions, to live up to my commitment.  So where do I go from here?

First – seek forgiveness.  Kurt, I failed to live into my commitment to yesterday.  I am sorry.  I ask for your forgiveness.

Second – repent (or change my ways) With God’s help, I will start again and keep my word this time.

Third- Responsibility – Having admitted my fault, asked forgiveness and repented, I am going to pick myself up and try again.  God willing, Kurt, I plan to write two posts today and continue in the “challenge”.  You’ve won this first one.  I’m just planning to get back up and finish the race.

Praying this post will help someone who reads it when they discover they have failed, even with the best intentions, to live into their commitments.

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