Friday, August 3, 2012

Sit. Listen. Learn.

I woke up today planning to go to the hospital to be with a family of a loved one in our local community.  The time had come to take their loved one off what we call life support.  It is such a hard decision.  It is a hard journey for the person and their family as they transitions into a world we cannot see.

Early in the morning, I learned of another dear one to our community who already made the transition to eternal life during the night.  As I shared of the death to her friends, I listened to their memories.  It was God’s gift to me of invaluable wealth.

Sometimes God‘s plan for the day coincides with the plans He already revealed. There are other times His plans come as a surprise.  Change is often hard for us mortals whether we anticipate the change or not.

In these changes, memories of the loved one who has died means more to the living than you can ever imagine.   Being in God’s presence in these times can simply be the act of asking folks to recall the memories of the one who is dying or who has died.  Sit. Listen. Learn.

Ask the one left behind to share the memories with you.  It helps you learn more about the person who died and adds meaning to the one telling the story and to you. 

You will be a better person because of this experience.

Today, God gave me wealth that the world cannot give. He allowed me to be a part of two families during their transitions.

Please pray for those in transition and their families. 
You will become a better person because of it.

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