Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reality Check From Barnabas and God

Many a time since I brought Barnabas into my life, God has used Barnabas to teach me lessons for the Journey in this life.  Yesterday was another such occasion.

Barnabas was sitting with me on the front porch of the building in the back, our “Playhouse”.  We’ve been spending a lot of time there together in recent weeks.  It is a perfect place to read and study while we watch God’s creation. We both love to watch the birds and critters scamper in the yard. 

Yesterday, Barnabas decided to take a stroll.  He was sauntering ever so slowly toward the Sanders.  While in the distance, yet still in my sight, I called to him. “Barnabas, Come”.   He stopped, turned his head toward me with his ears perked and a tilt of the head as if to say, “Who...me... Now?” then proceeded to go on his way soon to be out of my sight.  Later, in his time, he returned.

In Morning Prayer, God used Barnabas to reveal to me something about myself.  I love how God himself disciplines those whom he loves.  It is straightforward but with a strong hand.  You know exactly what you did, how it offended our Lord but, at the same time, knowing that you are loved by no greater Power.

Yesterday, I spent qualitative time in the book of Acts focusing on prayer and the Holy Spirit.  I had taken a break to do a few chores when I felt an overwhelming sense to write some friends.  I knew, without a doubt, that God was directing me.  I heard Him.  I fully intended to obey, but not right at that moment.  

In my spirit, I replied, “Ok, I will put that on my list for today and get to it this afternoon.”  

Now, can you imagine saying that to the God of the entire Universe who is giving you specific direction and instruction?  I was not really thinking about God being the ALMIGHTY at that point. I was thinking of Him as a Counselor who knew what I needed to do but not picky about when I did it.  I was like Barnabas saying “Who? Me? NOW?  Ok God, I will certainly get to it……later.”

Well, Barnabas came home in short order.  Not when I asked, but not too long afterward.  I wish I could say that I, too, followed my Lord’s voice, in short order…but I did not.  I forgot about it.
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When evening came, as I was reading in Dr. David Jeremiah’s book I Never Thought I'd See The Day!, God brought to my conscience what I had done.

 “ Today is God’s word: tomorrow is Satan’s word.  When we hear God clearly telling us to do something, the period of time between understanding what He says and doing what He says does not belong to God.  It belongs to the enemy. The enemy says, “You can do that tomorrow. You don’t have to respond to God’s voice today.

Between God’s command and our obedience is the wasteland of Satan. When we hear what God tells us to do, we should say, “I will obey today.” If we don’t say that, we will hear “tomorrow” ringing in our ears. And one of these days our tomorrow will be gone.”

Fully convicted, yet too tired to think, I left the task until tomorrow, which is now today.  Yes, I am going to work on that letter today and, by God’s grace, not let the task see a “tomorrow” incomplete.

May you hear God’s voice direct you today and may you respond while it is still today.

Thank you God and thank you Barnabas for directing me in the way I should go.

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