Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Spirit of God in Facebook

Who would have ever thought that the Spirit of our God would be in Facebook?

I am not talking about in the mechanics of  Facebook  purely as a social network tool per say, but rather how the people use Facebook.

For those of us who are following the ways of Jesus, we know that His Spirit lives in us.  Now exactly HOW God does that - A HOLY Spirit taking up residence in a sinful  person- I don't totally understand.  No matter how good we are,  we are still sinful yet forgiven by God through our relationship with Jesus.  Anyway, His Holy Spirit does live in His followers.  But -I want to get back to Facebook.

There has been many times I've checked Facebook right after a time with our Lord, and I am prompted to post a prayer, or to share thoughts of another "poster".

I've been told on several occasions that the words posted have ministered to someone on my "friends" list.  I did not know that it would in advance, I was just following a simple prompt in my spirit, (the prompting being the Holy Spirit).

Just this week I was checking on Facebook to see how the FB friends were doing and I saw this posting:

It struck me.  I took note of it but did not think any more on it until I opened my email.  In it was disappointing news.  I took it pretty hard.  Then I remembered the poster. "You are not alone. This is not the end of your story."  God used that poster to give me notice, though I did not recognize it at such at the first reading, but I had taken notice.  The words were fresh in my mind when I read the email.  God used it to remind me I was not alone.  He is with me now and forever.  He used it to tell me that there is more to my story - His story through me- much more than I am aware of at this moment. On that morning, before the sun was awake in Daleville,  I felt Him with me.  He ministered to my soul through a post on Facebook.

Just like every thing else, Facebook can be used for evil: to post negative thoughts, to tear others down and much more.  But in the hands of the people who are choosing to obey our Living Lord, our "updates" and "status" posts can be the messages of God's angels to the wounded and the hurting - even when we are unaware.  It certainly was to me this week.

Use the FACEBOOK tool as if you were writing to Jesus Himself. 

Build up.



Bring laughter!

My God bless you this day with words to bless others. 

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bob dorsey said...

Lord, make me an instrument of your love and grace. Give me hope so that I can give hope to others. B*YObe out...