Thursday, August 16, 2012

Strangers But One God

During one of my recent hospital visits a patient and her daughter asked me where I ministered. I told them I assisted a retired Methodist pastor in Daleville and that I am praying for a place to start an Anglican Church. 

Since recently we had been talking about the prayer meetings they have at their church, I felt it was appropriate to ask if they would pray for the church start as well.  I was telling her that I was looking for somewhere on or near Hwy 39 between Meridian and Daleville when suddenly God convicted me not to pray that I stopped almost mid-sentence. At almost the same time, the three of us said together that we should for God to show us the place that God wants us to be. We want the place that He wants. It was a humbling and awesome experience. Talking with two strangers but our spirit in the Lord was connected. His Holy Spirit shared with us how to pray.

Please join us in prayer for God’s place for the Anglican Church start to meet!

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