Friday, April 5, 2013

To Write or Not To Write...THAT Is the Question!

My faithful virtual assistant, Kurt Danskin, has been gently prodding me to write for the blog again. I must admit that I get weary sometimes.  I just checked the date of my last post and it was over three months ago: January 15, 2013.  I've put it off time and time again. Does it really matter? Does what I write or post make a difference?

Then God answered through a couple of friends.   They are people with whom I have contact with often.  The last two days, two different people posted how God had spoken to them through my FB post.  Now the post was from another author but I responded to God’s prodding in early morning hours to re-post the devotion.  It spoke to me; so perhaps God wanted someone else to see it too.  And sure enough, He did.

Sometimes one will never be affirmed or encouraged to continue on in good works.  Then God speaks to you, even though you do not know of the specific needs of others, to write that note or say that word.  You take action as soon as you hear His idea.  YES!  It really WAS God speaking to YOU!  Both you and the other are encouraged.

Practice listening to His voice and don’t delay or ignore it.  Someone needs to hear your words today.  Speak them. Write them.  God uses His people every day.

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