Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Senses of Africa

Sounds that I hear in the distance remind me of Africa even though I am so far away.  The temperature is already in the 80’s in Daleville. It reminds me of Rwanda.
I sit on the porch taking care of administrative duties via computer – not unlike what I might do in the late afternoons on my travels.  In the distance, from two different directions, I can faintly hear radios but they are not close  enough to make out the sounds completely.  In those days, I could hear people talking and radios from several different directions but since I did not know the language I could not make out the communications.  Birds are singing here too.

Strange, isn't it, how sounds can bring back those memories pressed between the pages of our mind?   So many memories not all of which I can quickly recall.  Perhaps someday they will return. 

It must be time to begin planning a return to my African home away from home.

Blessings- Vicki+

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