Friday, July 5, 2013

God Lesson #1 from Barnabas

Barnabas's “house” is an old shed in a dog pen on my neighbor's property. My neighbor graciously lets him use it. He is the watchdog for several neighbors from that viewpoint!

I'm up and sitting outside earlier than normal. He hears me. I hear a faint cry. Silence. Then I hear another faint whimper, so soft, others probably could not hear it. I could hear the cry because Barnabas is mine. I can hear his voice. He was crying to be free to come to me. I went to him. I released him to be with me and right now we are enjoying special time just being together.

God hears our softest cries. A low whimper on our part is not missed by Him. We are His. He hears our voice and recognizes our cry to be with him, even more so than Barnabas's cry to be with me.

What joy it is when God comes to us and we cry out to be with Him. He releases us to enjoy His presence. No greater joy than this can be found on earth.

Blessings… Must end now and enjoy God's presence with me and of course with Barnabas.

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