Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Knocked Off Your Feet

You hear news.  It "knocks you off your feet” so to say.  You were not expecting it.  The thought of the news actually happening is beyond what your mind can conceive.   The threat is real.

Is it of Satan?  He often comes disguised as light, as someone or something good to gain entry into your heart and mind. But this news – is not good.  Perhaps Satan is being straight forward, for once, and is trying to immobilize you so you cannot do the tasks God has given you.

Is it of God?  Maybe you’ve been going in a direction that seems good but it is not God’s best for you at this time.

How do you know?

Seek God.  Set aside more time than usual in personal devotion – prayer and fasting.

Ahhh- but maybe this WAS God’s plan to get you to RETURN to Him.  Maybe He wants you to increase your personal time with HIM alone seeking His face.  He alone knows what is coming your way in your tomorrows.  He alone knows how you need to be prepared to meet the challenges ahead.  He alone knows that the only way for you to be prepared is to suit up with His armor of light. 

His armor light  only comes to you through quality time sitting in His presence.

Keep it up.  God will make His wisdom and His presence known to you.  

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