Friday, April 22, 2011

A Story of Rwanda

Rwanda, The Land of a Thousand Hills, is a small, lush and mountainous country in central Africa bordered by Uganda,Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
In the north are the majestic peaks of the Virunga volcanoes covered by rich, green rainforest and hidden within the bamboo and dense jungle, often surrounded by mist, are some of the world’s last remaining and endangered mountain gorillas.
To the east of Rwanda is the beautiful Akagera National Park set at relatively low altitude along the Tanzanian border.

With patches of open grassland and swamp-fringed lakes running along the course of the Akagera River, the park is home to four of the big five - elephants, buffaloes, lions, giraffes.
Deep in the southwest, the Nyungwe National Park is one of the world’s largest rain forests and home to a range of rare birds and monkeys. The forest opens out, in the west, to Lake Kivu which is one of the deepest fresh water lakes in Africa. It is surrounded by green terraced hills giving way to beaches, inlets and the resort towns of Gisenyi, Kibuye and Kamembe.

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